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One day, my husband came home from work early. He had just been laid-off. While he was looking for another job, I had seen an ad for "work-at-home". I had looked into several of them and they were all the same "send money and we will tell you how to get rich". They looked scams. However, I came across SFI and found it to be a very well established company did not have up-front fees to get started. You didn't have to invest any money, which of course, I didn't have.

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I think that you should also join SFI because with little to no investment, you can have your own work at home business. Can you imagine being a part of an internet business without investing a lot of money? If you are willing to invest time, only a couple of hours a day in the beginning, you can have a thriving business in the convenience of your own home.

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In a couple of years, I'd like to see myself financially independent. I would like to be able to quit my job and stay home with my family. My desire is to make enough to live a modest, but comfortable life and be able to send my teenagers to college without any student loans. I imagine that I would be able to do this, especially with the support team that SFI has. I hope to be able to have a lasting work at home business that my children would want to take over for themselves, and be financially independent.

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